Mayor calls for state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facility with public access

Mayor Peter Freshney said the council is “well aware” of the concerns of hydrotherapy pool users shut out of aquatic therapy classes after waiting four months for the private pool leased by the THS to reopen.

“We absolutely accept there are direct health benefits for those people. We will do whatever we can to ensure those health benefits are ongoing either at a privately-owned facility they can access or another purpose-built facility,” Cr Freshney said.

“We need to work out a solution to provide some certainty and clarity for THS clients and the wider public who want to use the hydrotherapy pool.

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Suffering: Gill Walker, Phyliss Targett, Joan Parremore and Kay Johnson are lobbying for more access to a hydrotherapy pool at Latrobe leased by the THS after being told it’s only for THS patients to use for six week periods. Picture: Paul Scambler.

“Whether that’s a state-of-the-art facility elsewhere or a redeveloped facility on that site, we’ve got to work that out.

“I would hope together, we can work towards providing a facility adjacent to if not based on the hospital site that would be ideal and could be used by the public as well as THS clients.

“The driver is whether this six-month lease provides the services people want or expect or not, which is questionable, but there is an expiry date, so we have to have a plan in place before that date,” he said.

Deputy Premier, Braddon MP, Jeremy Rockliff said he’s open to investigating a long-term fix.

“I have made a commitment to have discussions with the Latrobe community, including council and key stakeholders over coming months, to together explore a long term solution. I will be taking an open mind into these discussions. It is important that we can all agree on a solution that best serves the needs of the local community,” Mr Rockliff said.