Tips to maintain oral health

It is common to hurt your face while a fall or a brawl. The nose and the lips are most susceptible to damage. During such an event, there can either be a soft tissue or hard tissue damage. In case of the soft tissues in the mouth, there is damage to lips, tongue or oral mucosa. It is recommended to rinse the area once with cold water and then cold compresses. It helps smoothening the area and reducing the swelling. Oral cavity is mostly vascular. The blood supply in this region is very good so the healing occurs fast.

In case of hard tissue damage such as a crack in the tooth, immediately clean with warm water rinse and cold compression with ice. An x-ray needs to be done to understand the damage. It can become very serious if any of the facial bones fracture. This will be associated with a large swelling and severe pain. Rush to a dentist or hospital nearby if this occurs.

A common disease that goes undetected is dental caries, which isn’t visible but slowly weakens the teeth from within. The teeth appears normal in the oral cavity, but when the individual attempts to chew or bite on something hard, a fragment of the tooth may come out. The remaining teeth starts becoming hollow. Dental caries comes with a sharp, spontaneous and shooting pain which is not relieved even on taking the best of medication because the fractured fragments expose the nerve endings of the teeth. The same situation also happens when a person attempts to open a bottle with his or her teeth. Visiting a dentist is mandatory if this occurs.

Mouth ulcers are another common problem and can cause a lot of pain. It may occur due to consumption of spicy food, antibiotics, sharp tooth or dentures but the major cause is often stomach-related issues such as indigestion or constipation. In such cases apply a gum paint for temporary relief, take vitamin B supplements and eat probiotic rich food. As they say precaution is better than cure, it is recommended to follow simple precautions to avoid dental accidents. Always wear a mouth guard while playing sports or during recreational activity which can cause danger. Avoid biting on popcorn kennels, ice, hard candies or anything similar. Do not use your teeth for anything other than eating. A healthy diet is a must for good dental health. Regular visits to the dentist should be a prioritised.