Diabetes Diet: 5 Summer Diet Tips To Manage Diabetes

Diabetes Diet: 5 Summer Diet Tips To Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder that is afflicting millions across the globe currently. If the estimates of a latest study are to be believed, by the year 2030, India would have around 98 million diabetics. Diabetes is defined as a condition which causes abnormal metabolism of blood sugar(glucose). Diabetics must take ample measures to ensure their blood sugar levels are stable. Diet is a crucial component of diabetes management. Eating a healthy and balanced diet may help avert blood sugar fluctuations. This scorching summer, you can also tweak your diet a bit to make sure your blood sugar levels are in control.

Here are some summer diet tips that may help you manage your diabetes naturally.

1. Stay away from sweet juices. Chilled fruits juices offer immense respite after a long, hot day but one must understand that juices are not so rich on fibres and are also dense in high natural sugar content. If you must drink fruit juice, make sure you practice moderation and make them at home with fresh fruits. Try to steer clear of the packaged ones.

2. Sugary mango shakes are not a great idea either A chilled glass of mango shake is one summer ritual we cannot get enough of. But mangoes are pretty dense on natural sugars. Besides, throwing them in a blender, may take away all kit’s essential fibres. Traditionally, mango shakes are prepared with a lot of sugar and topped with whipped cream or ice cream too, which may up your blood sugar levels. It is best to prepare mango shake at home, with minimal sugar. You must also practice moderation here.

mango shake
Diabetes diet: It is best to prepare mango shake at home, with minimal sugar.

3. Have a fibre-rich breakfast. Including fibres in your breakfast enables slow release of sugar in the bloodstream, which prevents blood glucose spikes. Fibre-rich breakfast also prevents cravings as it fills you up. Think oats, eggs, bananas. Avoid fruit cereals they are often high on sugar. You can also include low-carb and fibre-rich fruits in your breakfast like berries and apples.

4. It is best to consume mangoes and melons in moderation, as they tend to be a little high on sugar. Here are some ways how diabetics may include mangoes in their diet safely.

5. Stay hydrated. It is very important to stay hydrated in summers. Dehydration can make you weak, you may even collapse in the heat due to it. In summers we tend to perspire a lot, due to which we lose a lot of water. Dehydration is even more risky for diabetics. Diabetics need to keep drinking water to keep their blood sugar levels low and flush out excess sugar and toxins from the bloodstream.

Diabetes diet: It is very important to stay hydrated in summers.

Keep these points in mind and make sure you practice everything that has been told to you by your doctors. Happy Summers!