Ketologie Advocates Science Behind Keto Diet

BOCA RATON, Fla., /PRNewswire/ — The Keto Diet, which is the most popular diet searched for on Google, is based on extensive scientific research – spanning decades – on how the human body burns fuel.

The diet recommends the total opposite of the traditional food pyramid which prioritizes eating carbohydrates, then protein and, finally, a little fat.

“People are wedded to the traditional food pyramid way of eating,” said Dr. Tracey King, a health psychologist and co-founder of Ketologie, which makes Keto shakes and broths. “The problem is that since the iconic food pyramid was introduced after the Dietary Goals for the United States were released in 1977, obesity and type 2 diabetes have reached epidemic levels.”

Dr. King’s journey to find the Keto Diet was very personal.

“Like so many families today, we lost a loved one far too young to Type 2 diabetes-related heart disease,” King said. “When I did my research into the etiology of the disease, it became clear that the most effective diet to break the cycle was not just a no-sugar-added diet, but one that massively restricts your total intake of carbs. It was truly a revelation.”

What makes the Keto Diet work is that it changes how the body burns fuel. When you consume mostly carbs, the body becomes a “sugar-burner”, but when you massively restrict your intake of carbs, the body goes into a state of ketosis and burns fat for fuel.

People on the Keto Diet find they are not hungry, have more energy and are more focused. And often, they begin to lose weight.

Ketologie, a Dallas-based health and wellness company, developed its Keto products to make it easier for people to stay on the diet. In the early days of the Keto Diet, people had to measure all their foods to make sure they ate 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs. This was not easy for today’s busy families. Ketologie set out to change that.

To help people make keto a sustainable way of life, Ketologie developed easy-to-use chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes, collagen protein powder, roast chicken and smoky beef bone broths, and a unique line of probiotics with ketones.